July 15, 2008

Pepto Dismal

Once upon a time, the exterior of my house was pink. What possessed the previous owner to paint it pink, I cannot say. Houses shouldn't be pink. I cannot explain why houses shouldn't be pink; it's just a feeling that I get deep, deep down inside of me that tells me that pink houses disturb the natural order of the universe and are, therefore, fundamentally wrong.

Fortunately, my house is now a lovely non-pink colour, but it would appear that the Pink Devils have claimed another poor soul by convincing them to paint their house a horrible shade of Pepto Bismal.

Thank your lucky stars that the picture mutes how horribly vibrant this pink house is and that it's offset by a much nicer palette of green.

There should be a law against this sort of thing.


Anonymous said...

You think that's bad? When it was purchased by the current owner, the master bedroom in the home office where I work had pink walls... pink carpeting... pink ceiling... and pink blinds. And as if this wasn't bad enough, the closest doors were floor-to-ceiling mirrors--to reflect and compound the pinkness of it all. I know you're probably thinking that some crazy old spinster occupied this room, but nope; a "man" actually slept in there, too. I wish I had pictures. But then again, who needs the retinal damage?

Maybe later we could move the discussion towards decorating atrocities perpetrated by baby blue. I have some tales to tell there, as well.

Meandering Michael said...

I'm amazed that anyone could go so far to commit pinkocide to that extent!

Let's move the discussion to the atrocities perpetuated by baby blue, shall we? It would be interested in hearing some tales.

Anonymous said...

Hey mike bob and my house was salmon pink with grey carpets.
So i think we have you beat.
jos and bob