July 02, 2008

Nugget Pictures

If you read the much-more-readable blog my wife writes, then you know that we're expecting our second child. I don't know why I haven't announced it here until now. Maybe it's because I haven't wanted to get my hopes up.

But now I'm excited!

On Monday, we went for an ultrasound.  Here are the pictures:  

Aw, a cute little overbite!

What a cute little skull.

On Monday night, as if on cue, I felt Nugget (our nickname for the kid until he or she is born) give Fawn a good hard kick the moment after I put my hand on her belly.


Yup, I'm excited.

Now for some preemptive answers to questions to which I'm sure you're dying to know the answers:
Preemptive Answer #1:  No, we do not know if Nugget is going to be a boy or a girl.  I like the surprise.  Fawn thinks this one will be a girl, but I think it will be a boy.

Preemptive Answer #2:  No, we do not have any names picked for the child.

Preemptive Answer #3:  The baby is due in mid-November (Fawn is half way through the pregnancy).

Preemptive Answer #4:  Fawn is feeling fine, thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

It's not so much that I think Nugget will be a girl as I've been inadvertently saying "her" and "she" since the weekend...

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

Super cute little nugget you have there!