June 16, 2008

Fox Lake

On Saturday, we went to visit some friends at Fox Lake. I cannot describe how great it was to be outside and look at beautiful scenery after having lived in hospitals for three weeks. Even better, there was a canoe there. We had our first paddle of the season.

Jade loves the canoe and Nanuq loves to chase it.

Jade tries a bit of paddling, too! I think it's time to find a Jade-sized paddle.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts about different places around the north. I think you should add a search bar in your blog. That way, if readers are looking for information on, say, Fort Liard or some specific hiking trail, because they'll be travelling in that direction, they can easily find all your posts relating to it.

Just a thought.

Meandering Michael said...

Hi Carole! A good suggestion. At the top of my blog is a black bar that lets you "search this blog". It works pretty well.

What's missing now, unfortunately, is an area where readers can click on the tags I've assigned to various entries. When I figure out how to add that into my new template, you can bet I'll do it!

Congratulations on your achievement, by the way!