June 07, 2008


It's amazing how well kids adapt and how quickly they pick up on things.

As I type this post, Jade is preparing a doll for an EEG. She just finished measuring the scalp and is now systematically applying the conductive paste on the baby's head.

Given that she's a bit of a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to temperature-taking and other vitals, I'm beginning to wonder if Jade doesn't have a career in medicine waiting in store for her.

Of course, if she wants to be a surgeon, we'll have to make sure that she doesn't have any more of those arm twitches she's been having. It would be pretty frightening if she got one while holding a scalpel.

Dr. Jade (in the recovery room): Mr. Baxter, I have successfully removed 24 inches of your small intestine, three inches of your large intestine, half your liver and your gall bladder.
Mr. Baxter: But I came here to have my appendix out!
Dr. Jade: Oh, I got that too.


Allmycke said...

I've been following the events around your daughter via Fawn's blog and I'm thinking about you every now and then. Good to see your sense of humour is intact - it helps when life stacks 'em too high.

Anonymous said...

Did someone show her how to do it? Or is there a special set-up there with a doll-size EEG? (I could see that being the case at a children's hospital - brilliant!) My heart is all melty.

Can't wait to join you guys!

Meandering Michael said...

No special set-up - just a hairy little doll, a cup and a knife (used for applying the goop) in the play room.