May 12, 2008

Who's that I see caching in these woods?

I haven't done very much geocaching lately, but I received an invitation to attend a "mob" event last weekend. A "mob" event is where geocachers get the coordinates for a location and then converge on the coordinates, all at the same time. Fawn went to check-out a garage sale while Jade, Nanuq and I went to the event.

It was neat to meet some of the other Whitehorse-area geocachers, whose geocaching names I've seen online and in the log books. While we were out there, we hid a new cache.

Geocaching is a great game for people of all ages (This picture was taken by a little kid).

Now that spring has arrived and the geocaches aren't buried under the snow (except for the ones hidden in the mountains), there are about a half-dozen new caches that I want to find - a nice way to spend an evening here and there.

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