February 08, 2008

The tiny bard.

At what age is it normal for children to start rhyming? As I changed Jade's diaper to get her ready for her nap, she recited the following poem:
Now, I'm not a child development expert.  For that matter, I'm not much of a poet, either, but for a two-year-old, I think that's a pretty impressive composition.


Anonymous said...

Am I supposed to be happy or disconcerted over the topic of choice?

Meandering Michael said...

You should be happy. She was asking for you while I changed her diaper. I think she was rather shocked that she had created a rhyme.

dogsled_stacie said...

Ha, that's funny. Don't worry Fawn, I'm sure it has nothing to do with you and your bum! :)

KatzPJs said...

Actually, given the most recent post she was probably saying Mom, and Papa...seeing as she thinks our name is Bum.

KatzPJs said...

your, rather. typo.