January 29, 2008


Neat! I got a phone call from the Yukon Literacy Coalition yesterday. They ran a contest for Family Literacy Day, looking for Family Camping Stories. 

I submitted a story about one of my family's adventures in Nunavut.  There were three categories for the contest: Adventure, Funny, and Learning.  They called to tell me that I won the "Funny" category.

So what did I win?

The story will be in the Yukon News on February 15th.  It'll also be on CBC Radio (date and time to be announced, read by none other than... me! 

I also got a kangaroo sweater and a canvas bag full of goodies.  The goodies include:
  • books (neat ones, too)
  • a toque
  • a reading light
  • a mug
  • a water bottle
  • a box of Worst-Case Scenario survival cards, including a whistle and a carabiner
With loot like that, if you live in the Yukon and the Literacy Coalition holds the competition again, I highly recommend that you enter!  


ExploreNorth said...

Congratulatins, Michael - I'll be listening for you on CBC!

dogsled_stacie said...

Cool! Keep us posted on when you're going on air!

1234567890 said...

I was in the car today and heard your little poem on CBC about exploring the "wilds" of the Yukon. Hilarious! You should post it.