September 28, 2007

Playing Hookey?

I was out for most of the day today. When I got back home, I went through the coming home ritual of checking the answering machine. The first two messages were run-of-the mill stuff, but the third...well, that's the one that concerned me.

With rising consternation, I listened to an automated message from one of the local high schools. Apparently, my child was not in class today.

Imagine the disappointment, anger and frustration that I felt when I learned that my daughter - who is not yet old enough to attend school - is already playing hookey! Not yet old enough to go to school and she's already skipping! Doesn't she realise how important it is to get a good education?!

My anger then turned to guilt. Where had I gone wrong? Was I not being supportive enough? Not being tough enough?

And then I realised that my daughter isn't playing hookey at all; she's in Germany with her mother! Fawn must have forgotten to call the high school to inform them.

I phoned the school to set the record straight. Hopefully I won't ever be getting one of those calls ever again.


Unknown said...

Better see that it doesn't happen again or that school might sick social services on you.

Peter Tyrrell said...

I don't know which is worse: playing hooky or completing her secondary education behind your back. Genius is all very well, but research has shown it's a gateway to *evil* genius.

If you do find any Doom Rays, Orbital Mind Control Platforms, or Robot Armies in her room, I suggest you take strict measures and remove her underground laboratory privileges for at least a week.

Fawn said...

Oh how annoying. First they didn't expect her to be in AT ALL last week because they thought she'd be away on her trip, and then when she GOES on her trip, they wonder where she is! I gave them the stinkin' dates TWICE, goldarnit. They gotta get their communication in order over there.

Fawn said...

Whoops, I just re-read this post and realized you said it was an automated message from a high school. I thought you were saying there was a message from the daycare. :P Wow, I didn't realize high schools had gotten so diligent in notifying parents of student absences.