September 12, 2007

In the 'Toon.

16:00 - Leave from Whitehorse on Air North, bound for Calgary. Chat with nice lady from Faro.

22:20 - Leave from Calgary on WestJet, bound for Saskatoon. Chat with nice lady from Calgary, formerly from a small Saskatchewan town.

23:20 - Get a ride from friend, James, to Janet and James' house.

23:45 - Go to sleep.

Elapsed time: 6.75 hrs (accounting for time zone changes.

Curious thought #1: 100 years ago, would anyone have believed that it would one day be possible to get from Whitehorse to Saskatoon in less than seven hours?

When you think about what the stampeders had to go through to get to the Klondike goldfields, it really takes the romance out of modern flying.

Curious thought #2: How long will it take to do the trip 100 years from now?

One day, will the idea a 6.75 hour trip in an old-fashioned jet-propelled cylinder seem romantic when we're all rocketing off to work on the moon on a trip that takes half that time?

Just something to think about until I make my next post, which likely won't be for a week. Until then!

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Anonymous said...

I think in 10 years it will take a lot longer than it does now. Unless you’re extremely wealthy that is and can afford to fly. As the demand for oil continues to increase while the supply side stagnates, it’s not too far in the future where this kind of trip will be very lengthy and something you do every 5 years.