May 12, 2007

Adventure Race Training

Maybe it's the longer days and maybe it's all the exercise I've been getting training for the adventure race I'm competing in next month, but I can feel my metabolism increasing. I packed away more food in the past few days than I have in ages, only to feel hungry again an hour or two after each meal. It's like when I was a teenager.

I've been enjoying my evening bike rides, and I think Nanuq has been too. He really seems to get a kick out of his extended downhill sprints and only gets more and more wired every time we go out. I can't wait to see what this will mean when we go skijoring again next winter. Then again, why wait until winter? I just got new wheels and bearings for my in-line skates - maybe after the race we'll do some skatejoring.

My adventure race team mates and I went out for a bike and rappel the other night. I'd never drafted before found myself wishing I'd known how effective it was years ago. It would have come in handy when I was growing up on the prairies - there may not have been many hills, but with that prairie wind, it wasn't always easy to get from A to B on a bike. Drafting made dealing with the wind easy.

The rappelling was fun. It had been a few years since I'd done it, but it was just "like riding a bike". I'm lucky that there are some great little climbs so near to my house.

A little less than one month to go to the race - I can't decide if I'm nervous or excited.

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