April 27, 2007

Warm salty water. Is there anything it CAN'T do?

When it comes to me getting sick, I'm not all that big on going to see the doctor. It's not that I've had bad experiences, other than the time that one doctor prescribed some unusually strong antibiotics that killed all of the bacteria in my stomach (which resulted in some very unusual behaviour from said stomach, caused by the out-of-control yeast within). I'm just not all that big on going to see the doctor because I'm not a big fan of taking antibiotics and drugs (see the afore-mentioned incident as an example).

Besides, I can't swallow pills. I don't know why. I've tried. If I need antibiotics, I get it in the liquid suspension form. Yes, the pharmacists all laugh at me. So what? If there's a form of discrimination in Canada, it's against people who can't swallow pills. The Yukon is reviewing its human rights legislation. The discrimination against people who can't swallow pills is so bad, I bet it doesn't even make it into the revised Act.

Anyway, When Jade and I had ear infections earlier this year, she got antibiotics and my doctor instructed me to gargle warm salty water. His advice worked like a charm.

I like my doctor.

So now, Fawn, Jade and I all have coughs and I've pretty much lost my voice. We haven't bothered going to see the doctor because we all feel fine, otherwise. My throat was pretty sore this morning though, so I decided to gargle with warm salt water. It helped so much that, for a few minutes, I could speak in a voice that my brother would recognise. (I called him earlier and didn't say who I was. He didn't recognise me at all.)

So, the salt water seems to be pretty effective! It soothed my throat and cleared my sinuses and gave me back my voice. It makes me wonder what else I can use it for!

Hmmm...I wonder if I'll grow up to be like the Dad from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" who puts Windex on everything...

Yuck. I wouldn't want to gargle with that...

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sattvicwarrior said...

i dint know if you get GINGER ROOT in your markets there. but CHEWING on a SMALL piece of GINGER and mixing it with your saliva and let it trickle down yer throat is also VERY good. [ it kills germs and has a natural antibiotic.