April 18, 2007


After an uneventful and overpriced First Air Flight from Whitehorse to Fort Simpson, a friendly lift to the Fort Simpson island, and a quick flight in a Cessna 172, I'm in Jean Marie River again.

It feels good to be back in a small community. I guess that's just the kind of guy I am.


Fawn said...

Thank goodness you made a blog posting. I was starting to wonder if I should be worried about not getting a phone call! :P

Meandering Michael said...

I called, but you were out. The downside of being in a small northern community:
- there's no phone where I'm staying
- I don't have Internet access in the evening (which is also a bonus, in a way)
- My outgoing e-mail server doesn't seem to be working over the satellite internet service.

Fawn said...

I'll bet Tammy would let you use her phone. ;)

Anyway, I'm glad to know you're safe and sound, although I suppose someone from JMR would have phoned if you hadn't turned up...!

Love you!