March 21, 2007

It's easier to deal with when it has a name.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm still recovering and don't have anything very interesting to say (not that I ever really do).

Maybe its just that trick that time plays where you forget how bad things were, but pneumonia and bronchitis were a piece of cake compared to whatever I had/have this time. Maybe it would have been easier to deal with if I knew what caused it. Since that's not likely to happen (probably just this year's trendy virus), I should just do what psychiatrists and talk show hosts have been doing for years with afflictions that don't have clearly discernible causes; I should give it a name.

Since it seems to have been a combination of just about everything, I think I'll call it the "Hodgepodge Malaise".

Unfortunately, being pretty much bed-ridden for over a week has left me with an awful case of itchy feet. I desperately want to get out and go for a good, long, overnight hike, but I know that it wouldn't be a very smart thing to do just yet. After all, I'm still recovering from the Hodgepodge Malaise.

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