March 01, 2007

Dehcho Drummers Rocked da House!

Three of the Dehcho Drummers performed at ATCO Place at the Canada Winter Games tonight. They rocked! A lot of people got up and danced, which was great to see. The area in front of the drummers wasn't really made for dancing, so the circle was more of a peanut, but otherwise, it was great to get up and do some drum dancing again. From everything I've been hearing, the Dehcho Drummers are a big hit at the Games.

This picture was not taken at the games, but was borrowed from

Also playing tonight was Serena Ryder. This girl's going places.

Oh, and if you missed The Big Band, we'll be playing at the closing ceremonies of the Games.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to the gallery of photos of the Deh Cho FN. There was a beautiful picture of a toddler learning to drum. These drummers were truly the highlight of the day.

Meandering Michael said...

I aim to please. That's a great shot, eh? Did you notice the birch bark baskets beside him?

Karen Kotchea, from Fort Liard, is in Whitehorse for the Cultural Festival. I would put her in the top three of the best birch bark basket makers. You can see her making baskets at ATCO place.