February 04, 2007

This important message has been brought to you by the letter "M".

Although it's tough, being a proud father and all, I have to be careful to not read too much into how my child is attempting to communicate with me.

This morning, while getting ready to do some work on my computer, Jade, one-year-old, crawled over and seemed interested in typing on the laptop. By typing, I mean that she was interested in mashing her hands on the keyboard.

I opened Notepad to minimize the amount of damage she could do. After a few seconds, she stopped using her palm and started using her fingers to type in different letters (in no particular order).

I got distracted by one of the pets and when I glanced back, I saw that she had typed "mmmmmmmmmmmm" and then watched as she pulled a used, snotty Kleenex out of her mouth.

Coincidence? I wonder...

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