February 11, 2007


So, a few Whitehorse-area bloggers have already posted their pictures from the start of the Yukon Quest, but I figured a few more can't hurt.

Fawn, Jade and I went down to cheer the racers as they headed off on their 1000 mile journey. A part of me wishes I was out there with them but, alas, that's long way for Nanuq to pull a sled and we haven't been training for it. And our black plastic toboggan just wouldn't cut it.

The crowd cheers the teams on.

Lead dog 1: Want to stop for a little snack? The one on the back looks tasty!
Lead dog 2: I
love fast food!

Fawn and Jade watch as another team flies by. (At least Fawn does - I'm not sure how much Jade can actually see.)

I made a mental note to myself that, if there's anyone I haven't seen in a while, I just need to head down to the starting line for the Quest and I'll eventually run into them. It certainly seemed that way.

After watching for a while, we decided it was time for lunch. We went to a restaurant and ordered. And waited. 35 minutes later (a long time when you have a hungry kid), our food came and both of our orders were wrong. The waitress was going to give us a 10% discount. They would have lost our business if Fawn hadn't asked for the supervisor who, I think, might have also been the owner. Without even getting a chance to say anything, he told us our lunch was free and, in return, we'll try the restaurant again someday. Also, his timely save means that I won't mention the name of the restaurant here, which I would have done had he not nipped that one in the bud. Smart move - good job!

The rest of the day was quite nice. Had I still not been feeling the effects of my cold (and minor ear infection), I would have gone for a skijor. Fortunately, the Dr.'s prescription (gargle with warm, salted water) worked very well and I'm feeling much better. My ears have finally, mostly, cleared and decompressed and don't hurt as much any more, so, for the first time in nearly a week, Nanuq and I went for a skijor tonight. It was great.

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