December 25, 2006

Why isn't every day like today?

I once heard an interesting program (on CBC Radio, of course) that was discussing why Dickens' Scrooge wasn't such a bad guy, even if he was a grumpy, miserly curmudgeon.

Scrooge's issue was that all the "good will towards men" took place only during the Christmas Season. His "Bah, humbug!" was for the over-the-top sentimentality and generosity that his fellow citizens showed when, really, they should have been acting that way year-round.

Now, I haven't had the chance to read the Dickens version to confirm this (turned off somewhat by the sickeningly sweet Disney version - and others very similar to the Disney version - that tend to make every story very black and white), but I think that it's something worth thinking about.

Today, Fawn, Jade, Nanuq and I took a walk together. There were more people on the trails than I have ever seen. At the local "bobsled run", kids and adults alike were snowboarding and tobogganing. People were out walking and skiing and riding their snow machines. It was packed with people.

Everyone seemed happy, outside and enjoying the fresh air with their families and friends on a very pleasant day. It was nice.

So, why aren't more days like today?

Merry Christmas. And may all your days be merry.

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