November 12, 2006

"Joint aches and muscle pain gotcha down?"

I was sleepy today. Maybe it was the munchkin demanding breakfast dark and early this morning. Maybe it's because I can feel the pressure in the air; I think there's some serious snow coming. Regardless, I took the opportunity this afternoon to have a good, long nap.

It was good that I did. I'll be having a busy day tomorrow.

At some point today, Fawn's back went out on her. She can barely move, it causes her so much discomfort, and she certainly can't lift Jade. So that leaves it up to me. I am the intra-domicile infant transporter. If Jade needs to be moved, I'm the one who needs to do it.

I went out this evening to every pharmacy in town to find something for relieving back pain, but they were all closed. Every. Single. One.

The best that I could find was some topical pain reliever. Lakota.

$20 later, I was kicking myself after reading the medicinal ingredients. Capsaicin is one of the primary medicinal ingredients - it's also what makes my habanero peppers so fiery hot. I could have just rubbed some mushed-up peppers on her back.

Well, at the very least, if I'm totally bagged tomorrow, I can eat some of the peppers to wake myself up. Hopefully, Fawn'll be feeling better soon.

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