November 08, 2006

Aw, nuts!

When I had my unfriendly encounter with the sharp almond slice, I had no idea that the world of nuts was so shady. A recent CBC article entitled "Nut-nappers' heists send almond, walnut prices soaring" revealed the existence of the prolific nut-napping trade.

But who's stealing all these nuts? Are the nut-nappers stealing them just to make a quick buck, or is there something more sinister going on? Is it all organized by someone who just plain loves nuts? Is it being organized by a mad villain hell-bent on revenge to the very things that cause his evil-villain allergic reactions? Perhaps the nut-nappers are stealing the nuts as part of a terrorist plot, where they will hide the nuts on airplane desserts; bent on slashing people's gums with sharp little almond slices!

Ok, probably not, but you've got to wonder whether drug smugglers look up to or down on nut smugglers.

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