October 28, 2006

Do ravens make THAT noise too?

I took Jade and Nanuq for a walk this morning. As we neared home, Nanuq and I were both stopped by a sound in the trees beside us. It sounded like a man who was vomiting rather violently.

Concerned about the health of this individual, I decided to investigate. Since I couldn't see him through the trees, I walked around the perimiter of the the small wooded area to see if I could pick-up his tracks in the light dusting of snow. I couldn't find them. "Maybe the poor guy's been in there for a while," I reasoned.

I cut in to where I thought I heard the sound. Nanuq was sniffing around more intently than usual. A large raven swooped by Nanuq, followed by a second large raven.

Nanuq was very interested in where the ravens had been but, again, there were no tracks or anything else that I could find.

Since it was pretty easy to scour the entire area and since the only things I saw were two large ravens, I now have to wonder, "I've heard them make some interesting noises, but have you ever heard a raven sound like a man with the dry heaves?"

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Anonymous said...

That is really funny. I had an experience today - dog and I turned around to see what was making the sound of a goose and there were two ravens chatting on a fence. They really are amazing.