September 03, 2006

Everyone's Mountin' the Mountain!

A friend from Fort Simpson, who is spending a couple of days with us in Whitehorse, just finished a two-week Yukon-Alaska bus tour. She and her fellow tourists were rather upset by their driver/guide's frequency and severity of inebriation, but managed to make the best of a bad situation.

Since they didn't do as much hiking on her trip as she had expected, I offered to take her up Mount McIntyre. We went to find a geocache and to take in some scenic views of Whitehorse and the surrounding area. And we weren't alone. Everyone (and their dogs) was up on the mountain. Some people were picking berries and others were taking pictures of the fall colours. I can't blame either group. It was a beautiful day. The colours were rich and vibrant and the blueberries and crow berries tasted great (though the cranberries were a little mealy).

Jade, tucked into the baby carrier, rode on my back, trying hard not to fall asleep (and not succeeding). It wasn't a long hike, but it was a nice one. Fall has arrived and the mountain tops are in their glory.

I'm starting to get itchy feet. I am feeling the need to do an overnight hike soon. There have been far too few of those this summer.

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ExploreNorth said...

Having just retired from tour bus driving after doing it for many years, I'm curious as to who your friend was travelling with.

Thanks to your piece about the Canol, Cathy and I went up as far as Quiet Lake yesterday. The colours in the high country are at their peak, and we got really lucky with the weather, which has apparently been pretty ugly, judging by the condition of the road.