August 07, 2006

Why haven't I seen this place in the local tourist brochures?

Ok, so I realise it's not the kind of place your standard Alaka Cruiser or retired RVer would visit, but why haven't I heard of this place before?!?

There are two caves. The second one, a little smaller than the first, is a little easier to get up to, but is just as neat. My Dad spotted the first one from the road up Grey Mountain and we decided to go check it out tonight. That's when he spotted the second cave so, of course, we had to check that one out, too.

There is a log book inside each cave. Some of the entries are from people far, far away, so I was left wondering if perhaps there was information on the caves at the Visitor Information Centre and I just happened to miss it. Some of the entries were also from total wingnuts, but who am I to judge.

I make it a practice not to trust ropes with which I'm not intimately acquainted.

Anyways. They were very cool. I'll be back. After all, there was no pen in the second cave so I couldn't sign the log book.

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Anonymous said...

that pic looking out of the cave and the top of the cave looks like the outline of a mountain.......very nice!!!
makes me miss the yukon even more!!!