August 28, 2006

Dear UN:

I am not an expert in international affairs by any means, but I would like to propose a resolution; that any member of the United Nation that attacks a country (even in defence), whether the attacked country is a UN member or not, be responsible for replacing, to an equivalent or higher standard, any infrastructure and property that is damaged or destroyed as a result of the attacking country's actions.

Any country that harbors terrorist groups that have attacked another country will also be deemed an "attacking country".

The penalty for not complying is revocation of UN membership until the obligations of the attacker are fulfilled. A third party country, agreed upon by the attacker and attackee, will assess the property and infrastructure to be replaced and will be responsible for reporting on when reparations are made so that the country may obtain member status again.

Countries that are not currently UN members, who are seeking membership or will be seeking membership in the future, will be subject to the same conditions, as of the date of this resolution.

Who knows...maybe a resolution like this will make countries think twice about the cost of war.


Peter Tyrrell said...

Well, *if* the UN weren't a bit of a farce, where the strongest nations can pretty much ignore any UN resolution they choose, or act aggressively without UN resolution, this would be a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... interesting proposal. Too bad states are so jealous of their sovereignty, that if there were even a WHIFF that the UN would try to pull something like this, they wouldn't want a UN membership anymore. Which is voluntary in the first place. Ahh, anarchy.

As to the comment that the UN is a farce - for all its faults, it's better than nothing at all. A whole is only as good as its parts - which are of course guided by self interest. I don't blame the UN; it's human nature that depresses me... :P