June 13, 2006

Getting whipped on the butt with a bungee cord is not as fun as it sounds.

I rode my bike to the Big Band's year-end BBQ last night. Since I had my bike helmet on, I needed some place to store my big leather hat. I fastened it on to the carrier with two bungee cords.

The attachment seemed to work well, until I left the paved trail to take a shortcut, that is. I heard a grinding in my gears, looked down and saw the big leather hat roll in front of me and then >WHAP!< got stung in the butt.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" I asked aloud, rubbing my aching rear.

I turned back to see half of one of my almost brand new bungee cords wrapped up in my back tire. The other half was laying on the ground beside my bike.

Using my incredible deductive abilities, I concluded that the bungee cord must have come loose on one side, hooked itself in the rear tire, and got wrapped and cut by the teeth that hook into the chain. When the super-stretched cord got cut...well...I'll just leave the rest to your incredible deductive abilities.

The hooks they put on the end of bungee cords are hard!

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