June 06, 2006

Dear Old @#$% Geezer in the Ugly Pick-up,

Since it's likely that you don't know who I am (because I'm pretty sure I don't know who you are), I should probably tell you something about myself.

For about two weeks now, I have been riding my bike to work. Usually, I take the nice path that runs along the airport property, but today I decided to try the route up Two-Mile Hill.

I have decided to stick to the airport route, because it seems a little quicker and means that I won't have to suck exhaust on my ride home. Let's face it, some vehicles don't emit the freshest of air.

Anyways, no matter which path I choose, I'll still need to bike along a portion of the Alaska Highway which is designated as a bike lane.

Now, I don't know if you thought you recognized me (and I'm pretty sure you didn't) but either way, it is generally not a good idea to HONK YOUR HORN behind a cyclist.


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dogsled_stacie said...

Man, we should have a rant board for angry cyclists!! I've gotten the honk, the dog leaning out of the window barking it's head off, vehicles squeezing by when I have NO shoulder to ride on (even though no one is coming the other way).

And how about those lovely trucks coming out of Burns Road - gravelly bits flying out of the back of the truck...

But I love to ride!!! :)