May 06, 2006

A blorping nice day.

It was a nice, relaxing day today. Fawn, Jade, Nanuq (the mutt) and I took a leisurely walk in the morning and another in the afternoon, this time joined by Crook (on a leash). He was crying at the door and it was driving us nuts. I doubt it's spring fever though - He doesn't have the equipment any more for that.

The neighbours always seem to get a kick out of seeing Crook the cat on a leash, but it's better than letting him get himself into trouble. It's expected of dogs, why not cats?

In other news, Jade blurped up her food three times today. A new record! Unlike another little baby that we know who's constantly spitting up his food in little dribbles, Jade seems to like a four phase approach:
  • Phase 1 - throw up a little bit of the creamy stuff.
  • Phase 2 - throw up so much liquidy stuff that "The Exorcist" looks incredibly tame.
  • Phase 3 - throw up some really runny stuff.
  • Phase 4 - smile.
She's been pretty good about not getting it on the couch or on the bed. In fact, today she didn't get even the slightest drop on anything except Fawn and me. Mostly me. She aimed right for my chest each time. Her little baby tummy can hold a lot of milk.

After she's cleared everything out, she wants to feed again so, even through she's throwing up mass quantities of breast milk, I don't feel too sorry for Jade. I feel much sorrier for Fawn. That's a lot of milk to make and deliver.

I'm flying off to Edmonton tomorrow. Although the weather forcast is for rain, hopefully it'll be a nice, clear day with great views of the mountains.

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